"Monterey Civitan
 on the Move"


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  1. Walkers $1.00 - $99.00
    Doris Sampley Mary Ann Chambers Cody Bybee (Gainsboro)
  2. Joggers $100.00 - $499.00
    Mary Sturm Larry Vaden Jo Nelda Stamps Tommy Walker Clyde Abston Peggy Matheney Burks Elementary Fundraiser Girl Scouts Johnny and Thersa Looper James (Cooney) Foster Hershel Foster Jim Parrott (Tracy City) Blake and Melinda Swafford
  3. Runners $500.00 - $999.00
    MTNG- Project Hometown Help Bradley Insurance Agency David and Pat Dunn
  4. Sprinters $1,000.00 - $2,499.00
    Standing Stone Historical Society
  5. Racers $2,500.00 and Larger
    VEC Customer Share Bank of Putnam County
The Monterey Civitan Club is raising funds for playground equipment in Whittaker Park. Donation can be made at any Monterey bank or at the Monterey Depot Museum. Pictured, Anita Lane, President of the Standing Stone Historical Society present Charles Looper, President of the Monterey Civitan Club with a $1,000.00 Donation. Photo by Dale Welch.

Check out the funds we have already received.

Monterey Civitan Club President Charles Looper accepts a $2,500.00 Check from VEC Share board memeber Sharon Parrott. The money will go to help purchase new play ground equipment for Whittaker Park. The play ground that serves the surronding  area is in desperate need of new equipment.

MONTEREY — Little by little, it’s coming — new playground equipment for Whittaker Park.
At least, that’s the plan, provided enough funds are raised going into the new year. “As we get the money, we’ll add pieces,” Monterey Civitan Club president Charles Looper said of the club’s new fundraising initiative to replace the park’s older equipment — ideally, by this summer. But it’ll take plenty of community involvement, Looper pointed out, to make it happen. “The amount of money we’ll have available for the playground equipment will depend on how many fundraisers and how much money we make,” he said. “We’re going to try to do several during the year.”Plans are now underway for the first fundraiser, a chili cookoff, which is scheduled for Feb. 20. Details will be available on the club’s new website, montereycivitan.com, as the event draws nearer. Civitan members are rallying for more support as well. “We’re hoping donations will come in, not just from the Civitan but from other people who want to see this equipment put into the park,” he said. “We’re hoping other people and other clubs will help us.” Looper noted that the club’s playground fundraising initiative is a first for its members. But it’s a worthy one, of course. “We’re a civic club, and we want to do everything we can to improve the park,” he said. “Any money we make goes right back into the city for various things.” It’ll be a way to add to other recent park improvements, such as the new berm seating around the pavilion and removal of old trees and stumps. “The park is looking much better than it has before,” he said. Looper noted that over the past year, Civitan Club fundraisers have not paid off as well as in the past. “The Labor Day celebration has been our big thing every year, but if it rains it ruins us,” he said. “So we’re behind in money.” Looper also pointed out that while the town did receive donated playground equipment from Burger King a couple of years ago, that equipment is not suitable for outdoor use. “It’s just sitting at the city garage,” Mayor Bill Wiggins told the Herald-Citizen in October. “Initially, I thought we could just pour a concrete pad and our guys put it together. But then we started investigating and, no, it’s not that simple. It is rated for indoor use only, and the installation has to be done by a representative of the company.” So what will become of it? “I don’t know,” he said. “I’m at a loss.”
In the meantime, the Civitan Club is going forward with its fundraising plans. Anyone wishing to contribute may call Looper at 260-8304 or email charleslooper@montereycivitan.com.