"Monterey Civitan
 on the Move"

Monterey Civitan Club the Begining.
Seventy five years ago, May 19, 1939,   a group  of civic minded men of Monterey met in the dining room of the Imperial Hotel and received a charter for their newly organized Monterey Civitan Club.  The Monterey club was sponsored by the Sparta Civitan Club, from which several of its members were in attendance.  Among the guests was Howard L. Smith of Clarksville who presented the charter to the Monterey club.  .Smith was District Governor of Civitan International  Leonard Crawford , who was principal of Monterey High School, was elected the first president and John Gill was the first secretary.
Other charter member present were:  Robert L. Cate, Frank r. (Ace) Adams, Fred G. Auld, William Bagwell, , Dr. T. M. Crain, David Ensor, Cecil Garrett, Paul Holloway, Sam Holloway, J. O. Johnson, Milton Nixon, William T. Ray, M. B. Sehon, Dr. L P. Speck, Dr. D. M. Speck and James E. Walker.
Perhaps it is the never-say-die spirit that has saved the Monterey Civitan Club from the point of extinction.  At any rate, such experience in the past have served to inspire present day members to redouble their efforts and as a result growth in membership and club strength has been continuous.  The Monterey Civitan has struggled financially over the last few years but there are those who feel that there will always be a Civitan Club in Monterey

First Civitan Meeting

Pictured is the very first Civitan Meeting held at the Saunderline Cafe. This was the meeting place of the Civitan Club for several years.